Patricia Cranton Distinguished Dissertation Award

The ITLA also recognizes emerging scholars by conferring the Patricia Cranton Distinguished Dissertation Award. This award commends a distinguished doctoral dissertation that exemplifies scholarly work and contributes to the transdisciplinary field of transformative learning.

The Award has three aims:

  • To recognize and honor emerging scholars who extend and inform a living theory of transformative learning.
  • To acknowledge originality and quality of inquiry.
  • To invite and expose contributions from diverse perspectives of transformative learning theory and/or praxis.

The Patricia Cranton Distinguished Dissertation Award was established in 2018 and first conferred at the XIII International Transformative Learning Conference.

Past Award Recipients


Gloria Mbokota, Ph.D.
University of Pretoria, South Africa
Title: The Process of Transformative Learning in Executive Coaching: A Realist Evaluation

Katie Ross, Ph.D.
University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Title: Transforming the Ways We Create Change: Experiencing and Cultivating Transformative Sustainability Learning

Honorable Mention

Tanuj Negi, Ph.D.
FLAME University, India
Dissertation Title: An Empirical Study of Transformative Learning Resulting due to Profession Change

Tonya Ensign, Ph.D.
Pepperdine University, USA
Dissertation Title: The Seed of Transformation: A Disorientation Index


Mark D. Hathaway, Ph.D.
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education University of Toronto
Title: Cultivating Ecological Wisdom: Worldviews, Transformative Learning, and Engagement for Sustainability

Honorable Mention

Elisabeth M. Pope, Ph.D.
Department of Adult Education University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, United States
Dissertation Title: “This is a Head, Hearts, and Hands Enterprise:” Interfaith Dialogue and Perspective Transformation

Birgit Phillips, Ph.D
Department of Interdisciplinary Research and Continuing Education, The University of Klagenfurt, Klagenfurt, Austria
Dissertation Title: Learning by Going: Transformative Learning and Identity Development Through Long-term Independent Travel